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Highway Trailers

From brand new units, customized to customers needs to late model trailers for shorter term rentals.

We can offer full service leases or customize the regular maintenance to suit the customer. We will look after yearly safeties and can tailor the kilometer fees to keep costs to a minimum. These trailers also qualify for mobile service for regular maintenance.

Regional Trailers

These are the pride of our fleet. We rent more of this typed trailer more than any other.

These trailers are approximately 10 years old and purchased from Canada’s top fleets. Dollar for dollar, these are the best value for customers also. We will give you a flat monthly rate with no extra up charges or fees. We offer mobile service for these units also.

City Trailers

Used primarily for local work.

Very affordable, so they can sit loaded for a seasonal ruch and then be moved to deliver its load when required. Many customers will also rent these units for moving and storing house hold content.

Storage Trailers

As the name suggests, these units are priced to stay in one place only.

Even though they are certified annually, like all the others, we really shave the price low for these to be cheaper than warehouse space pricing.

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We have our own Tractors to deliver and pick-up your trailer.

Flatbed trailers and pup trailers

We Also Rent Flatbeds and Pup Trailers

We Have Our On Motor Vehicle Inspection Station

We Have Our Own Mobile Mechanical Fleet